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       This site is intended to serve as a link between the electors of Mizoram and the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram. It contains relevant information about the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram and its activities. The electoral rolls of all constituencies under Mizoram, important notices, forms and FAQs are also provided for the benefit of the public.

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Model Code Of Conduct - Compendium 2013
Model Code Of Conduct For Guidance Of Political Parties And Candidates
Final Roll 2013 (Special Summary Revision - August)
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List of Disqualified Candidates MLA 2013
Candidates Affidavits - General Election 2013
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General Election 2013 - Voter TurnOut MLA 2013
General Election 2013 - Voter TurnOut(Incl. Postal Ballot)
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Candidate Expenditures 2013
Final Electoral Roll 2014 - Summary Revision (1.29.2014)
Affidavits of 2014 MP Candidates
Star Campaigners for 2014 Lok Sabha Election
No. of Electors for the Election to the Lok Sabha 2014
Voter Turn Out - Lok Sabha Election 2014 - Mizoram
Statistical Report - General Election 2013
Expenditures & Notices of 2014 MP Candidates
General Election 2014(MP) Result
Expenditures of 2014 ByeElection - 28-Hrangturzo
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